• Durnk Thud

    Durnk Thud

    5th Level Half-Orc Fighter / Wizard
  • Bishop Braccio

    Bishop Braccio

    An elder man with grey hair and steel blue eyes, by his looks a member of the church and the holy symbol on his richly embroidered, purple robes shows the scales and warhammer of the faith of Tyr.
  • Dragon Grimlord

    Dragon Grimlord

    Greedy dwarven bastard that smiles while twisting the knife.
  • Otto Dring

    Otto Dring

    A middle aged man with a jovial nature; dressed in well maintained clothes.
  • Porphyrys Cadorna

    Porphyrys Cadorna

    A handsome man with shoulder-long black hair and bright eyes, dressed in silken tunic and pants, Porphyrys Cadorna gives a very noble appearance already and he wears it proudly.
  • Ulrich Eberhand

    Ulrich Eberhand

    An ancient-looking man, bald and haggard, a merchant lord, dressed in wealthy cloth adorned with jewelry.
  • Werner Von Urslingen

    Werner Von Urslingen

    A brawny, middle-aged man with the look of a warrior. He has brown hair and matching eyes, and seems to prefer less obtrusive garments, but they are of splendid quality nonetheless.
  • Zolonsho Montse

    Zolonsho Montse

    Opinioned halfling with a flair for sarcasim; he is a skilled warrior wielding twin short swords with deadly efficiency.